We invite you to be part of a memorable journey into the World of Wine.

A sensory indulgence awaits you at the 7th edition of the WineUp Fair in Transylvania!

Imagine hundreds of extraordinary wines waiting to be discovered, tasting sessions led by experts, and gastronomic events that will excite your senses. It's an event you can't miss!

WINEUP® FAIR: Discover a variety of grape varieties, tastes, and aromas: With hundreds of wines available for tasting, you will surely find many that will delight your senses and palate. From aromatic white wines to full-bodied reds, from effervescent sparkling wines to limited edition collections, the tasting options are limitless. Whether you're a connoisseur, enthusiast, or just starting to explore the world of wine, you'll definitely find something new to discover.

WINEUP® MASTERCLASS: You can enrich your knowledge about wines by participating in these exclusive courses led by experts. We start from the premise that we are all on a journey, combining pleasure with learning. Wine is an art, and like any art, it has some codes of interpretation. Our masterclasses dynamically pack information for all participants, whether connoisseurs or amateurs. In practice, the knowledgeable ones serve us keys to understanding wine, terroir, grape varieties, aromas, body, and acidity—just a few terms that will no longer hold secrets. At the end of each masterclass, we will surely be able to say that we have understood more about wines.

In previous editions of the fair, we gathered a multitude of positive impressions from delighted participants about the themes and discussions with our guests.

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in WineUp masterclasses.

WINEUP® IN THE CITY or Cluj Winelife represents the most relaxing part of the story, as it involves gastronomy brought to the level of art, in culinary associations with top wines. This format is a model, an invitation for the meetings organized by us throughout the year, not just during the fair, a good opportunity for socializing, dialogue, and celebration.

Starting this year, taking advantage of the multitude and elegance of the rooms at Elania Resort, we have proposed to bring some of the most creative and inventive chefs from Romania and Europe, to challenge them by choosing refined and diverse themes, in which their talent can be enjoyed in perfect gastronomic associations. The evenings will become not only tasty but also spectacular.

Enhance your wine-tasting experience with delicious gastronomic events.

Purchase Your Tickets Now: Don't miss the chance to enjoy this extraordinary experience in the world of wine! Secure your tickets for WineUp today and allow yourself to indulge in an unparalleled weekend. Whether you want to expand your knolage, discover new preferences, or simply enjoy a luxurious weekend, this event promises to exceed your expectations.

Date: April 5-7

Location: Elania Resort, Elitis Events Center, Cluj-Napoca, Făgetului Street no. 74

Tickets: Available now online. CLICK HERE: Buy