Artivinium is formed today by a special team in which each member brings their skills and also their passions and dreams.

Art - We believe in the power of art and we get inspiration from all its fields to conceive the identity of our projects and also our clients’ brands. Our creativity is manifested from the creation of visual and verbal identities to their visibility and promotions in different contexts.

Vinium - Our great passion and the most consistent professional experience we have is the one connected to the culture and art of winemaking. We have developed throughout time a system of connections that reunite wineries, distribution, national and international specialists, passionate and consumers. Our mission is to invest our expertise in quality and durability projects.

With a vast experience in organizing events designed to educate consumers and promote wines, ArtVinium aims once again to offer through WineUp Fair in Transylvania, an integrated wine concept  in which consumers, enthusiasts, producers and specialists should meet under the same roof.

"We strongly believe that Romania deserves to be appreciated at its true value for the wines that are produced,  for the potential of development of wine-growing areas, for people interested in the art of wine, for wineries build and maintained with the passion for traditions and values "‹"‹of  a country with rich history

For three days, we organize not only a fair or a meeting between the parties involved in the production and distribution of wine, but more than that we are building  an authentic network  of exhibitors, specialists, distributors, consumers, HoReCa, passionate and interested people  who want, as we do, to  grow together in Romanian wine the story ; in terms of social, cultural, educational and economic. " Ioana Bidian Micu