WineBook - WineUp app, next level

If last year we created and launched WineBook, the mobile app dedicated for tasting events, this year we decided to improve and remodel this instrument, based on the feedback that we received from from our users at the first edition.

Dilema Veche, vinul vechi / 1 April, 20.00

WineUp in the City will have this year the mark of a very special event in the agenda set by the organizers. It is an encounter, for the first time in Cluj, between the editorial board of Dilema Veche and their special guest, the literary critic Dan C. Mihailescu.

The perfect expression of terroir in Dealu Mare: Davino

In the WineUp programme we want every year to include a masterclass dedicated to a Romanian, and the first subject last year were the wines of Transylvania. This year we have the pleasure of presenting a very special region for the Romanian viticultural i

Integrate traditional Romanian varieties in the world wine map

Romania can be considered one of the biggest viticultural countries in the world, regarding both the planted surface as well as the wine production; the most important international varieties are perfectly adaptable here and, at the same time, we have alm

Essi Avellan MW - The Essence of Champagne

This year we will have the great pleasure of welcoming in our WineUp story one of the three members of the jury from the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships: Master of Wine Essi Avellan from Finland. "The Essence of Champagne" w

Explore the New World - Discover the New York State wines

New York, New York"¦ exuberance, mystery, dynamics, pride, chance, beauty, bliss. Probably one of the most fascinating places in this world, with an effervescence typical of the best champagnes, the story of the New York State wine perspective will

Calibrate your tasting skills with the WINEUP® Official Selection

Sensorial examination, blind tasting, evaluating and giving scores to a series of wine samples, in an organized environment that respects the pre-established rules of an international jury. A professional wine tasting, new for the WineUp Fair

Wine closures, a debate: Cork versus screw cap - Masterclass presented by Philip Cox, CEO Cramele Recas

Cork versus screw cap, alternatives: vinolok? A subject that is at least interesting and causing a lot of of debates, reactions, various opinions, studies and statistics. The second masterclass of the WineUp Fair in Transylvania that we officially announc

Adam Pawlowski Master Sommelier - "Crafting and selling a successful wine list"

Crafting and Selling a successful wine list: a subject of great interest, suggested and presented in the masterclass by Adam Pawlowski MS. It is tackled from two perspectives: a specialized one that concerns the professionals from the HoReCa industry