WineUp Fair in Transylvania Official Photographer: Andreea Bogdan

The elegance and professionalism of WineUp Fair in Transylvania will be captured - how else? - by the elegance and professionalism of an internationally renowned photographer, with a vast experience in glamour/fashion projects, with careful attention for all the essential moments and an appetite for the art of profiles and spaces. We are happy to announce our collaboration with Andreea Bogdan as the official photographer of the Second Edition, WineUp Fair in Transylvania.

Divin tasting at Crama Noastra / 2 April, 21:00

The WineUp in the City events are intented to cover a variety of networking and tasting events. In this context, Saturday night we will organize a spirits tasting brought by Barza Alba through Produse Moldovenesti. The event will take place at Crama Noas

Glamour Sparkling Dinner at DaVinci / 1 April, 21.00

Before anything else, Champagne! Already a tradition in the WineUp Fair in Transylvania story, the gastronomic dinner with champagne will be held this year in some very special conditions: first, this WineUp in the City event will have an extraordinary guest from the effervescent world of Champagne and sparkling wine, Master of Wine Essi Avellan from Finland. She is considered by her colleagues from the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships as "the most talented and consistent champagne taster in the world".

Bring Your Own Bottle Party / 3 April, 21.00

As it should be at any important event that respects its dedicated people, the end of the WineUp Fair in Transylvania will be marked exactly as it should be with the Bring Your Own Bottle party, a WineUp in the City event that is held all year long in Cluj-Napoca.

WineUp Gala Dinner - City Plaza / 2 April, 21.00

All the concepts and values of WineUp will be reunited Saturday night, April the 2nd, in one place: WineUp Gala Dinner! People, Wine, Passion, Elegance, Professionalism! All will be combined in a festive gastronomic dinner organized with our partners at the City Plaza Hotel! It is the evening of all actors involved in the four elements of WineUp: WineUp Fair in Transylvania, WineUp Masterclass, WineUp Official Selection and WineUp in the City.

Steak N' Wines Dinner / 1 April, 21.00

How often do you have the opportunity to provoke your senses and to indulge in strong wines and exceptionally conceived steaks a la Adi Steakhouse? We will offer you a chance with our WineUp in the City events to try a very special menu created by Chef Nicu Craciun, everything strategically paired with wines brought to you by Gitana Winery from the Moldavian Republic.

Roots Urban Tastery at WineUp

This year at WineUp the energy of the wine tasters will take roots with the coffee brought by ROOTS! :) A special concepts that sets a new trend for the Cluj coffee-shops: coffee-shop during the day and wine & tapas bar, after the sunset. At the WineUp fair, Roots will bring their passion for taste and their respect for origins in the middle of wine lovers. You can find them in the Casino, upstairs. Welcome to the WineUp Orchestra! :)

Gaja Wines at Via - Vinimondo / 1 April, 21,00

In a benchmark location for the Cluj baroque architecture, in a restaurant like VIA that defines itself by the hospitality given with full attention to every detail, in a sophisticated event like the WineUp In the City events, we will organize a gastronomic dinner with Vinimondo, an importer also present at the Central Park Casino at the WineUp Fair in Transylvania.

Confidential by Cramele hRecas - Comtesse du Barry / 1 April, 20.30

Friday night, in the WineUp in the City programme, the Recas Wineries invite you to a provoking premiere"¦ A special blind tasting where participants will have the opportunity to try in advance new wines from the collections produced at Recas. The Recas representatives invite you to taste, test and debate the wines directly with the CEO of the Recas Wineries,Philip Cox.