Extreme viticultural regions! Extreme Wines!

What do all these regions have in common :  Sussex, Etna, Mosel, Lanzarote, Salta? All of them are extreme areas for cultivation of the vine and  wine producing. Sussex, England Being considered the limit area for the cultivation of vine, Engl

"Only one quality, the finest" by Veuve Clicquot with Essi Avellan MW

Clicquot House ,one of the most innovative champagne houses, was founded  in the year 1772 by Philippe Clicquot-Muiron and was inherited by Madame Barbe Clicquot Ponsardin “the Clicquot widow”  in 1805, this making her the first woma

Corcova “gout du terroir” with the perfume of history

Once upon a time there was a land filled with wondrous vineyards, but over which fell the mist of desolation… and yet, one long lost tale conquered over time, brought to life and valued again: Corcova, that “gout du terroir” with the pe

WineUp Fair in Transylvania: Save the Date, Enjoy the Wine!

"To create? To take from the world surrounding us the material or spiritual world different elements and systematizes it, tight them together making a masterpiece and sense...if this creation isn"™t a piece broken from the artist"™s soul , than

WineUp Fair in Transylvania: Save the Date, Enjoy the Music

Saturday evening, 25th of March, WineUp Fair in Transylvania brings music and life to the palace !   As this year we are shaping a beautyful bound between Art through the change of location and the association with an art exhibition, we consider th

WineUp Fair in Transylvania: Save the Date, Enjoy the Art

As you have already grown accustomed throughout this 3 years since WineUp started shaping itself on the international wine market, we are again preparing an event which exceeds the norms of a simple wine fair . This year we are strongly associating with a

WineUp Official Selection 2016 is...

Gold Ovas, 2011, Petro Vaselo Cuvee Boheme, 2009, Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu Nectar of Transylvania, 2014, Liliac Chardonnay Botrytis, 2013, Chateau Vartely Melgis, 2012, Petro Vaselo Sauvignon Blanc, 2015, Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu Reserv

WineUp supports The World Autism Awareness Day

Even if we are in the middle of our WineUp events in the second fair day, we cannot ignore the fact that today, April 2nd, the world celebrates the Autism Awareness Day. Because we wish to support the enormous work of the Autism Transylvania Association,

WineUp Official Selection at Casa Barolo

The first ground zero level meeting between the Master Sommelier, Master of Wine, national and international specialists, and the wines that were registered in the evaluating tasting WineUp Official Selection, will take place Thursday, March the 31st, at Casa Barolo!