Illustrate the world of wine through art

Illustrate the world of wine through art! Creative contest. If the Art Museum will host the fair for the second consecutive year, we want the fair itself to host an unprecedented collective exhibition with works belonging to several artistic branches.

Pasii pentru obtinerea titlului de Master of Wine

In each domain there are titles and qualifications, which are a certification of respected and recognized abilities, and in order to obtain them you need passion and determination. The world of wine is no exception, so the Master of Wine is one of t

WineUp Fair in Transylvania official photographer : Andreea Bogdan

Andreea is a photographer who, through a deep observational style, captures moments from the fashion world and beyond. The attention to detail, the minimalist style and the interest in capturing the relationship of the subjects with the space they are pho

WineUp Official Selection, noutatile editiei a II a

WineUp Official Selection means, as simple as it is, a list of the best wines presented by producers invited to participate in the WineUp Fair in Transylvania. In the second year of its existence, the WineUP selection will receive new valencies this year

DOC, IG, varietal wine, ratings or quality guarantees?

Legislation and wine, are two concepts that at first glance don’t seem to have anything in common, however a law exists that regulates the entire process of production of the bacchius drink. This law can seem completely uninteresting, until the mome