The Art of Pairing

The Art of Pairing

Saturday, 5 May 20: 30-22: 30, Restaurant Via


This year we offer you a unique sensory experience, a gourmet dinner that perfectly combines the experience of two masters: Chef Viktor Segal and Adam Pawlowski Master Sommelier.


It is the first time in Romania when a dinner is conceived and presented by two international experts.


We will try to discover together which combinations fit each of us.


During the dinner, 4 dishes will be served and will be associated with eight wines, four Romanian and four international wines.




Chef Viktor Segal "My philosophy in everything I do in the kitchen is based on three fundamental principles: simplicity, harmony and exploration. I believe in refined simplicity, I seek harmony between seemingly distant ingredients and I believe that the desire to explore leads the gastronomy further. "




Adam Pawlowski Master Sommelier "I am a fan of all the delights, wine and food are my passion. I look at the world of wine through the eyes of a Master Sommelier. I like to discover various places to enjoy the food associated with good wines. "


The cost of the event for one person is 280 lei. We invite you to get a seat in advance by paying the participation fee.